Concise Prescribing Info
Betaxolol HCl
Dosage/Direction for Use
Initially 10 mg once daily, may be increased up to 20 mg daily after 7 to 14 days. Patient w/ severe renal impairment & Elderly Initially 5 mg once daily. Patient in chronic haemodialysis (blood or peritoneal) Initially 5 mg daily, may be increased in increments of 5 mg daily, no more frequently than at 2-wk intervals. Max: 20 mg daily.
May be taken with or without food.
Hypersensitivity. Uncompensated CHF. Cardiogenic shock. 2nd & 3rd degree AV block. Association w/ MAOI or verapamil. Bradycardia. Severe forms of asthma & COPD; Raynaud's phenomenon & peripheral arterial disorders. Cardiac insufficiency (not controlled w/ treatment). Prinzmetal's angina (monotherapy in its isolated/typical form). Sinus node dysfunction (including SA block). Untreated pheochromocytoma. Hypotension. History of anaphylactic reaction. In-combination w/ floctafene & sultopride.
Special Precautions
Risk of asthma & COPD; perform pulmonary function tests prior to treatment. Patients w/ cardiac insufficiency which is controlled w/ treatment. Reduce dose if HR is <50-55 beats/min at rest & if patient exhibits bradycardia-related symptoms. Patients w/ 1st degree AV block. Prinzmetal's angina. Patients w/ peripheral arterial disorders (eg, Raynaud's disease, arteritis or chronic obliterating lower limb arteriopathies). Closely monitor arterial BP when treating HTN due to treated pheochromocytoma. Instruct patient to reinforce self-monitoring of blood glucose prior to treatment. Psoriasis exacerbations. Patients w/ a risk of any severe anaphylactic reaction, particularly to floctafenine or in those receiving drug sensitization treatments. Inform anaesthetist if patient is being treated w/ β-blockers; consider 48-hr dose interruption to restore catecholamine sensitivity. Patient should be protected from predominant vagal reaction by sufficient premed w/ atropine, repeated as necessary. May mask CV signs in thyrotoxicosis. May induce positive reaction in anti-doping control tests performed in athletes. Renail failure. Pregnancy. Discontinuation of breastfeeding is advisable. Childn & neonates.
Adverse Reactions
Asthenia; cool extremities; possibly severe bradycardia; digestive disorders (gastralgias, nausea & vomiting); impotence; insomnia.
Drug Interactions
Reduced compensatory CV reactions in case of shock or hypotension due to floctafenine; volatile halogenated anaesth; iodine contrast media. Additive bradycardiac effects w/ sultopride. Inadvisable combination w/ Ca antagonists & amiodarone. May cause Torsades de pointes w/ class IA (eg, quinidine, hydroquinidine, disopyramide) & class III (amiodarone, dofetilide, sotalol) antiarrhythmics; phenothiazine neuroleptics (eg, chlorpromazine, cyamemazine, levopromazine, thioridazine), benzamides (eg, amisulpride, sulpride, tiapride), butyrophenone (eg, droperidol, haloperidol), other neuroleptics (eg, pimozide), & other medicines (eg, cisapride, diphemanil, erythromycin IV, halofantrine, mizolastine, moxifloxacin, pentamidine, spiramycin IV, vincamine IV). Contractility, automatism & conduction disorders w/ propafenone. Increased anti-hypertensive effect w/ baclofen. May mask hypoglycaemic symptoms when given w/ insulin, sulfonylurea, hypoglycaemic agents. Risk of excessive bradycardia w/ anticholinesterase agents (eg, ambenomium, donepezil, galantamine, neostigmine, pyridostigmine, rivastigmine, tacrine). Sudden w/drawal of centrally-acting antihypertensives may increase BP. Increased plasma level of lidocaine. Reduced antihypertensive effect w/ NSAID. Increased anti-hypertensive effect & risk of orthostatic hypotension w/ imipramine antidepressants; neuroleptics. Diminished antihypertensive effect w/ corticosteroid; tetracosactide. Risk of bradycardia w/ mefloquine. Increased antihypertensive effect w/ dipyridamole IV; α-blockers (eg, alfuzocin, doxazosin, prazosin, tamsulosin, terazosin).
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
C07AB05 - betaxolol ; Belongs to the class of selective beta-blocking agents. Used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Betac FC tab 20 mg
3 × 10's
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