BiCNU Storage





Full Prescribing Info
Store product and diluent in a refrigerator (2°-8°C, 36°-46°F).
Stability: Store the unopened vial of the dry drug in a refrigerator (2°-8°C, 36°-46°F). Store the diluent vials in a refrigerator (2°-8°C, 36°-46°F). The recommended storage of unopened BiCNU vials provides a stable product for up to 3 years.
Compatibility/Incompatibility with Containers: The intravenous solution is unstable in polyvinyl chloride container. DO NOT USE PVC Containers. Administer BiCNU solution from the glass bottles or polypropylene container only. Ensure the polypropylene containers used are PVC free and DEHP free.
Important Note: BiCNU has a low melting point (30.5°-32.0°C or 86.9°-89.6°F). Exposure of the drug to this temperature or above will cause the drug to liquefy and appear as an oil film on the vials. This is a sign of decomposition and vials should be discarded. If there is a question of adequate refrigeration upon receipt of this product, immediately inspect the vial in each individual carton. Hold the vial to a bright light for inspection. The BiCNU will appear as a very small amount of dry flakes or dry congealed mass. If this is evident, the BiCNU is suitable for use and should be refrigerated immediately.
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