Cathejell Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w

Cathejell Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w Drug Interactions



Pharmazeutische Fabrik Montavit


Full Prescribing Info
Drug Interactions
Tell a doctor or a healthcare professional if the patient is taking/using, had recently taken/used or might take/use any other medicines.
Cathejell should not be used concomitantly with medicines which contain Lignocaine or certain other local anaesthetics (of the amide type) because this may result in a non-foreseeable mutual intensification of their effects.
Because of the possibly increased effect on the heart, Lignocaine should be used cautiously on patients who take medicines for the treatment of arrhythmias (antiarrhythmics) such as mexiletine, tocainide, beta blockers such as propranolol or calcium channel blockers (e.g. diltiazem, verapamil) at the same time.
No specific drug interaction studies were carried out for Lignocaine and class III antiarrhythmics (e.g. amiodarone), but caution should be exercised (see Precautions) because the effects on the heart could increase.
If the patient takes cimetidine (inhibits the production of stomach acid), talk to a doctor before using Cathejell. The concomitant use of such medicines (H2 blockers) can increase the risk of Lignocaine side effects.
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