Cathejell Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w

Cathejell Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w Special Precautions



Pharmazeutische Fabrik Montavit


Full Prescribing Info
Special Precautions
Talk to a doctor or a healthcare professional before using Cathejell, in particular: If the patient has severe liver or kidney dysfunction.
If the function of the heart or the respiratory organs is impaired.
If application is repeated or a high dose is used because this may result in severe side effects. When it is used in the bronchial system (bronchoscopy), an increased absorption of Lignocaine and therefore an especially high overdose risk are to be expected.
If the patient has wounds, injured mucous membranes or an ulcer or inflammation in the area of intended application; mucous membrane injuries result in an increased absorption of Lignocaine into the bloodstream.
If the patient is an elderly, weak or are acutely sick.
If the patient is prone to seizures.
If the patient has a certain muscle disorder (myasthenia gravis) which is often associated with an increased sensitivity to local anaesthetics.
If the patient is treated with certain medicines for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, so-called class III antiarrhythmics (e.g. amiodarone) because the effects on the heart may be increased.
If the patient has porphyria (impaired formation of blood cells), which could be aggravated by Lignocaine.
When Cathejell is applied in the oral cavity or the pharynx, this may impair swallowing. There is the risk of an aspiration of gel. Numbness of the tongue or the mouth can result in bite injuries.
If the content of more than one syringe is introduced in the urethra, a considerable quantity of gel gets in the urinary bladder, or if the urethra is inflamed/ ulcerous, this may result in general - but particularly in children and elderly patients - in an increased absorption of Lignocaine through the mucous membrane and consequently in severe side effects (see Overdosage).
Cathejell must not get in contact with the eyes.
A lubricant without Lignocaine is to be preferred for general anaesthesia.
Driving and uing machines: Cathejell has no or negligible influence on the ability to drive and use machines. However, an influence on the ability to drive and to use machines cannot be excluded completely in the event of increased personal sensitivity.
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