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Adverse Reactions
Like all medicines, Clarityn Tablet can cause adverse reactions, although not all adverse reactions occur to every patient.
The most commonly reported adverse reactions in children 2-12 years include headache, nervousness and tiredness. The most commonly reported side effects in adults and adolescents include drowsiness, headache, increased appetite and difficulty sleeping.
During the marketing of Clarityn Tablet, cases of severe allergic reaction (including swelling), dizziness, irregular or rapid heartbeat, nausea (feeling sick), dry mouth, upset stomach, liver problems, hair loss, rash, convulsion and tiredness have been reported very rarely. It is not possible to determine how frequently these reactions may occur.
If the patient experience any of these adverse reactions or notice any not listed previously, the patient should stop taking Clarityn Tablet and contact a pharmacist or physician at once.
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