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Special Precautions
Patients with liver disease should inform a physician before taking Clarityn Tablet.
If the patient is taking any other medicines, including medicine taken without a prescription, the patient should consult a physician before use.
Laboratory Tests: If the patient is scheduled to any skin tests for allergies, Clarityn Tablet should not be taken 2 days before the test.
Important Information About the Ingredients of Clarityn: Clarityn tablets contain lactose. If the patient has an intolerance to some sugars, the pharmacist or physician should be informed before taking Clarityn.
Effects on the Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery: At the recommended dose, Clarityn Tablet is not expected to cause drowsiness or less alertness. However, very rarely, some people experiences drowsiness, which may affect ability to drive or use machinery.
Use in pregnancy & lactation: If the patient is pregnant, taking Clarityn Tablet is not recommended. If the patient is nursing, taking Clarityn Tablet is not recommended. Loratadine is excreted in breast milk. The patient should ask for advice from a pharmacist or physician before taking Clarityn Tablet.
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