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Side Effects
Nervous System/Brain: Frequent side effects are mild headache and mild somnolence. States of excitation in infants (upon overdosage) are possible . Slowness of respiration and an exaggerated sense of "well-being" (euphoria) may also occur. Sleep disturbances or tinnitus have rarely been observed.
Gastrointestinal tract/smooth muscles: Nausea and vomiting may frequently be experienced at the beginning of treatment. Another frequent side effect is constipation.
Codeine may increase the tone of smooth muscles involuntary muscles, e.g intestinal musculature, muscles of the bladder), in particular after single doses of more than 60 mg. Urination may be impaired.
Eye: Induction of glaucoma (narrow-angle glaucoma) may occur. A dose-dependent impairment of visuomotoric coordination and visual capacity may occur after high doses or in particularly sensitive patients.
Skin, mucosa/allergy: Itching of the skin, skin reaction (e.g. reddening) and dry mouth are rare. Severe hypersensitivity reactions occur very rarely.
Others: In rare cases shortness of breath and in extremely rare cases changes in the blood picture were reported In individual cases weight increase has been described. High therapeutic doses or intoxication may result in loss of consciousness and blood pressure fall. Pulmonary oedema may occur in patients with pre-existing impairment of pulmonary function.
The side effects usually subside after a reduction of dose and can normally be avoided by carefully and individually adjusted doses.
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