Cymbalta Overdosage



Eli Lilly


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Cases of overdoses, alone or in combination with other medicinal products, with Cymbalta doses of 5400 mg were reported. Some fatalities have occurred, primarily with mixed overdoses, but also with Cymbalta alone at a dose of approximately 1000 mg. Signs and symptoms of overdose (Cymbalta alone or in combination with other medicinal products) included somnolence, coma, serotonin syndrome, seizures, vomiting and tachycardia.
No specific antidote is known for Cymbalta but if serotonin syndrome ensues, specific treatment (such as with cyproheptadine and/or temperature control) may be considered. A free airway should be established. Monitoring of cardiac and vital signs is recommended, along with appropriate symptomatic and supportive measures. Gastric lavage may be indicated if performed soon after ingestion or in symptomatic patients. Activated charcoal may be useful in limiting absorption. Cymbalta has a large volume of distribution and forced diuresis, haemoperfusion, and exchange perfusion are unlikely to be beneficial.
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