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Special Precautions
DUOLAC Care should be used adjunct to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It should not be used as a sole source of nutrition. Pregnant women and babies under the age of 1 are recommended to get advice from a doctor or health specialist before use.
Gluten Status: DUOLAC Care is certified gluten free. No gluten or gluten containing materials are used in the manufacture or processing of the product.
Lactose Status: Lactose Free according to the guidelines stated by European Food Safety Authority. The reference threshold level is Danish reference of lactose not more than 10mg/100g in the product. Lactose is used in the medium for strains in DUOLAC Care. However, lactose is undetectable in the final product. Should have a condition that does not allow to consume lactose, consult the doctor before using DUOLAC Care.
Halal Status: Halal certified by Korea Muslim Federation.
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