Duovent Caution For Usage

ipratropium + fenoterol


Boehringer Ingelheim


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Caution For Usage
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: This solution is ready for use and requires no dilution.
The unit dose vials are intended only for inhalation with suitable nebulising devices and must not be taken orally or administered parenterally.
DUOVENT nebuliser solution can be administered using a range of commercially available nebulising devices. The lung and systemic drug exposure is dependent on the nebuliser used and may be higher than with BERODUAL metered dose inhaler depending on the efficiency of the device.
Where wall oxygen is available the solution is best admininistered at a flow rate of 6-8 litres per minute.
The instructions provided by the manufacturer of the nebulising device for proper care, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment should be followed.
1. Prepare the nebuliser for filling, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer or physician.
2. Tear one unit dose vial from the strip.
3. Open the unit dose vial by firmly twisting the top.
4. Squeeze the content of the unit dose vial into the nebuliser reservoir.
5. Assemble the nebuliser and use as directed.
6. After use throw away any solution left in the reservoir and clean the nebuliser, following the manufacturer's instructions.
Since the unit dose vials contain no preservative, it is important that the contents are used soon after opening and that a fresh vial is used for each administration to avoid microbial contamination. Partly used, opened or damaged unit dose vials should be discarded.
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