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Special Precautions
Systemic effects are less likely to occur with hydrocortisone than with fluorinated steroid, however prolonged treatment or extensive areas in infants and young children should be avoided.
If any reaction should occur due to an allergy to a constituent, application should be discontinued. Should any fungal or bacterial infection be present, this must be controlled before using hydrocortisone.
Prolonged treatment with steroids, especially over large areas or if occlusive dressings are used, may cause excessive systemic absorption.
To prevent a rebound effect, the skin should be gradually weaned to a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparation.
Avoid large amounts, occlusion and prolonged treatment.
Use in Pregnancy & Lactation: Prolonged use should be avoided. Attempt to heal the condition with a nonsteroid cream.
Consult a doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Use in Children: Do not use on children under 2 years except under medical supervision.
Infants: Use in infants should be avoided. Long-term therapy (>4 weeks) should be avoided and a nonsteroid cream used.
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