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Dosage/Direction for Use
Initial Treatment: Generally by IV injections. Dosage must be strictly individual, taking into consideration the general state of the patient and his WBC. Initial treatment is recommended with:
a) Daily IV injections of 3-6 mg/kg body weight (120-240 mg/m2) or;
b) Massive-Intermittent Therapy: 10-15 mg/kg body weight (400-600 mg/m2), with therapy-free intervals of 2 or 5 days, or;
c) Massive-Intermittent Therapy: 20-40 mg/kg body weight (800-1600 mg/m2), with therapy-free intervals of 10-20 days.
Endoxan should be given in the morning with liberal amounts of liquids, during and immediately after administrations. For continuation or maintenance therapy, 50-200 mg/day may be given orally.
Preparation of Solutions: Dissolve 200 mg in 10 mL of Water for Injection (double-distilled water). Do not use physiological saline as a solvent. The solutions should be used within 24 hrs after preparation. The substance dissolves readily when the vial is shaken vigorously for ½-1 min after addition of the solvent. If complete dissolution is not achieved immediately, allow the solution to stand for some minutes until it is thoroughly clear.
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