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Bacillus clausii spores.
One vial contains spores of Bacillus clausii 2 billion.
Convenient and practical use, Enterogermina is ready to drink, flavorless and can be mixed with water or other beverages, as tea, milk or fruit juices, making it easier for administration for children.
Enterogermina is a probiotic suspension in liquid form, constituted by 4 strains (SIN, O/C, T, N/R) of Bacillus clausii spores, a non-pathogenic gut microorganism, which contributes to the balance of intestinal flora.
The intestinal bacterial flora, also known as Microbiota, plays important role in the body, for example, helps to digest and absorb food, on cell renovation of intestinal lining cells, on immune response, on some vitamins production and constitutes a strong line defense against invaders.
According to World Health Organization, Probiotics when consumed in adequate amounts, confer a recognized health benefit on the host.
Administered orally, Bacillus clausii spore will ensure the probiotic arrives intact in the intestine, not damaged by gastric acid, therefore able to work in the targeted area, where they form a barrier against germs and/or offensive agents, contributing to the balance of intestinal flora. The Bacillus clausii also has a role in vitamins production, primarily complex B ones which able to enhance immune system.
Enterogermina has been use for decades in Europe, for restoring the balance of the intestinal flora and support immune system, also has been proven to be effective with good safety profile.
Enterogermina is a health supplement which contributes to the balance of intestinal flora, helps regulate digestive system and supports the immune system.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult: 2-3 vials per day.
Children: 1-2 vials per day.
Babies: 1-2 vials per day.
Administer at regular intervals (3-4 hours).
Take the contents of the vials as it is presented or mix it in water or other beverages (e.g. milk, tea or juice).
Liquid - oral suspension for oral use only.
DO NOT INJECT or administer in any other way.
Special Precautions
The product DOES NOT contains sugars or gluten, may be used by Diabetic or Celiac person. There is also no significant quantities of calories.
Enterogermina can be used as a supplement for patients who are taking antibiotics, to help balance the microbiota. Its consumption should be associated with a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle.
This product may not be consumed by immunocompromised (with deficiencies at the immune system) persons. If the patient has any concerns, consult a pharmacist or physician.
Caution For Usage
Instructions: Break away 1 vial.
Shake well before use.
Twist cap to open.
Squeeze to drink or mix with beverage e.g. milk, juice.
Other important information: The eventual presence of granules in Enterogermina vial does not means that the product has been damaged. They are clusters of Bacillus clausii spores therefore recommend to shake well before using.
Store at a temperature not exceeding 30°C.
Away from light and moisture.
Shelf life: 2 years.
After opening, the preparation should be consumed within a very short period of time to avoid contamination of the suspension.
ATC Classification
A07FA01 - lactic acid producing organisms ; Belongs to the class of antidiarrheal microorganisms. Used in the treatment of diarrhea.
Oral susp (vial) 2 billion/5 mL x 20's.
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