Esmeron Caution For Usage

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Caution For Usage
Instructions for handling of the product: Compatibility studies with the following infusion fluids have been performed: In nominal concentrations of 0.5 mg/ml and 2.0 mg/ml Esmeron has been shown to be compatible with: 0.9% NaCl, 5% dextrose, 5% dextrose in saline, sterile water for injections, Lactated Ringers and Haemaccel. Administration should be begun immediately after mixing, and should be completed within 24 hours. Unused solutions should be discarded.
Incompatibilities: Physical incompatibility has been documented for Esmeron when added to solutions containing the following drugs: amphotericin, amoxicillin, azathioprine, cefazolin, cloxacillin, dexamethasone, diazepam, enoximone, erythromycin, famotidine, frusemide, hydrocortisone sodium succinate, insulin, methohexital, methylprednisolone, prednisolone sodium succinate, thiopental, trimethoprim and vancomycin. Esmeron is also incompatible with Intralipid.
Esmeron must not be mixed with other medicinal products except those previously mentioned in Instructions for handling of the product.
If Esmeron is administered via the same infusion line that is also used for other drugs, it is important that this infusion line is adequately flushed (e.g. with 0.9% NaCl) between administration of Esmeron and drugs for which incompatibility with Esmeron has been demonstrated or for which compatibility with Esmeron has not been established.
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