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Dosage/Direction for Use
How to get the best from Flexiseq Osteoarthritis: Application: Spread a thin layer around the joint and do not rub it in. Allow to dry.
Frequency: The patient should look to apply Flexiseq twice a day, in the morning and the evening.
Medication: Flexiseq is drug-free, so the patient can use it alongside any existing medicines.
Drying Time: Once applied, the correct amount should take roughly 10 minutes to air dry.
Effect Time: Flexiseq can take anywhere between 2-14 days to start taking effect.
Applying Fleiseq Osteoarthritis to joints: Hands: Apply a line as long as half the index finger to each knuckle and spread evenly around joint. Avoid washing for 10-15 minutes.
Knee: Apply a line of gel as long as the index finger. Do not apply to kneecap, apply to the back and sides of the knee joint.
Hips: Locate the edge of the hip bone and apply a line of gel as long as the index finger below where the patient no longer feel bone but soft tissue.
Shoulders: Apply a line of gel as long as the index finger to the area corresponding to pain. Do not apply to the bone or shoulder blade.
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