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Indications and Dosage
Angioscopy of the retinal and iris vasculature
Adult: 500 mg (as 500 mg/5 mL solution) as a single dose via rapid inj into the antecubital vein at a rate of 1 mL per second.  For highly sensitive imaging system, reduce dose to 200 mg.
Child: 7.7 mg/kg as a single dose into antecubital vein. Max: 500 mg.

Aid in the fitting of hard contact lenses, Detection of corneal lesions and foreign bodies, Diagnostic ophthalmic procedures
Adult: As 1% or 2% solution: Instill dropwise onto the affected eye(s). As a sterile strip impregnated with 0.6 or 1 mg fluorescein sodium: Apply tip to conjunctiva or formix until adequately stained.

Assessment of exocrine pancreatic function
Adult: 348.5 mg fluorescein dilaurate (equivalent to 0.5 mmol of fluorescein), given with meal. Collect urine for the next 10 hour. A control dose of 188.14 mg fluorescein Na (equivalent to 0.5 mmol of fluorescein) is given the following day under the same conditions.
Acute necrotising pancreatitis (oral fluorescein dilaurate).
Adverse Reactions
Nausea and vomiting (IV); extravasation is painful; hypersensitivity reactions; transient yellow coloration of skin and urine; staining of the skin, clothing and soft contact lenses.
Potentially Fatal: Cardiac arrest and fatalities.
IV/Ophth/Parenteral: C
Description: Fluorescein, a precursor of the eosins, temporarily stains any cell it enters therefore marking any damaged areas.
MIMS Class
Radiographic & Diagnostic Agents
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