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Friso Gold Comfort Next Caution For Usage




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Caution For Usage
INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Push the protection lid upwards until the safety seal is broken and throw away the safety tab.
2. Click the protection lid into the open position and remove the spoon.
3. Remove the foil seal.
4. Use the spoon provided with the pack to scoop the powder and use the levelling bar to level scoops.
5. Place the spoon back in its original holder and close the lid.
IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Inappropriate preparation, storage and use of Friso Gold Comfort Next may put the baby's health at risk.
Always keep the working environment clean and tidy.
Boil all utensils for at least three minutes once a day.
Always put a dry and clean scoop inside the tin.
Close the tin tightly with its original plastic lid.
Store in a dry and cool place.
Use the contents of this tin within 4 weeks after opening.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: In the interest of the baby's health, follow these instructions: 1. Wash hands and utensils thoroughly using clean water.
2. Boil clean water for 5 minutes and allow cooling to approx. 40°C.
3. Just before use, rinse the bottle and teat thoroughly with hot water.
4. Pour the indicated amount of water into the bottle.
5. Use enclosed scoop to add 1 levelled scoop to each 30ml of water.
6. Twirl bottle until the powder is completely dissolved.
7. Test temperature and feed the baby when Friso Gold Comfort Next is lukewarn.
8. Finish using reconstituted feeding within max. 1 hour after preparation.
9. Discard any unfinished feeds.
Attention: Use prepared Friso Gold Comfort Next within a maximum of 1 hour after preparation.
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