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Nonproprietary name: Diltiazem hydrochloride (JAN); Diltiazem (INN).
Chemical name: (2S,3S)-3-acetoxy-2,3-dihydro-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-5-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)-1,5-benzothiazepin-4 (5H)-one monohydrochloride.
Molecular formula: C22H26N2O4S·HCl: 450.99.
It occurs as white crystals or crystalline powder, and it is odorless.
It is very soluble in formic acid, freely soluble in water, in methanol and in chloroform, sparingly soluble in acetonitrile, slightly soluble in acetic anhydride and in ethanol (99.5), and practically insoluble in diethyl ether.
Optical rotation [α]20D: +115 - +120° (after drying, 0.20 g, water, 20 mL, 100 mm).
Melting point: 210 - 215°C (decomposition).
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