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Gentamicin sulphate.
Each gram contains 1.7 mg of gentamicin sulphate (equivalent to 1 mg of gentamicin) with methyl paraben 0.16% & propyl paraben 0.03% as preservatives.
Gentamicin sulphate is a broad spectrum aminoglycosides antibiotic which is bactericidal. It acts directly on the bacterial ribosome, where they inhibit protein synthesis and decrease the fidelity of translation of the genetic code. It is effective against many strains of gram-negative bacteria and staphylococcus aureus.
Pharmacology: Gentamicin sulphate is a bactericidal antibiotic which is active against a wide variety of pathogenic gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. When applied topically to large areas of denuded body surface as the case of burn patients, plasma concentrations can reach 1 mcg/ml, and 2% to 5% of the drug used may appear in the urine.
Treatment of impetigo, erythyma and other localised primary bacterial skin infection with a Gram-negative component and also for secondary bacterial infections complicating other pre-existing dermatoses.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Apply a small amount to the lesion three to four times daily.
Hypersensitivity to gentamicin sulphate or any component in the base.
Special Precautions
Use of topical gentamicin preparation in closed hospital settings is actively discouraged.
Discontinue use if hypersensitivity or irritation occurs. Prolong use of a preparation containing an antibiotic may result in overgrowth of non susceptible organisms including fungi. If this occurs, discontinue use and institute appropriate therapy. Not suitable for ophthalmic use.
Adverse Reactions
Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity has been reported often in the topical treatment of severe burns with gentamicin. Hypersentivity reactions have been reported after local use.
Keep container well closed in a cool dry place and protect from strong light.
Shelf-life: 3 years.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
D06AX07 - gentamicin ; Belongs to the class of other topical antibiotics used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.
Cream (white) 0.1% x 15 g, 450 g.
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