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Imovax Polio Special Precautions


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Special Precautions
Take special care with IMOVAX POLIO if the patient have blood disorders such as a decrease in platelets (thrombocytopenia) or clotting disorders because of the risk of bleeding which may occur during intramuscular administration of the vaccine; are taking a treatment that suppresses the immune defences (corticosteroid drugs, cytotoxic drugs, radiotherapy or any other treatments likely to weaken the immune defences) or if the patient present with immune deficiency (immunosuppression), the immune response to the vaccine may be reduced. In such cases it is recommended to postpone vaccination until the end of the treatment or to make sure the subject is well protected.
Present with chronic immunodeficiency such as an infection with the AIDS virus (HIV). Vaccination is recommended even if the immune response may be limited.
Vaccination may also be recommended for subjects in whom the oral vaccine is contraindicated, and as a booster for subjects previously vaccinated with the oral vaccine.
If the patient have doubts, talk to the doctor or pharmacist.
Driving and using machines: This vaccine is unlikely to have any effects on the ability to drive or to use machines.
However, no studies on this topic were performed.
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