Infasurf Warnings


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Infasurf is intended for intratracheal use only.
The administration of exogenous surfactants, including Infasurf, ofetn rapidly improves oxygenation and lung compliance. Following administration of Infasurf, patients should be carefully monitored so that oxygen therapy and ventilatory support can be modified in response to changes in respiratory status.
Infasurf therapy is not a substitute for neonatal intensive care. Optimal care of premature infants at risk for RDS and new born infants with RDS who need endotracheal intubation requires an acute care unit organized, staffed, equipped, and experienced with intubation, ventilator management, and general care of these patients.
Transient episodes of reflux of Infasurf into the endotracheal tube, cyanosis, bradycardia, or airway obstruction have occurred during the dosing procedures. These events require stopping Infasurf administration and taking appropriate measures to alleviate the condition. After the patient is stable, dosing can proceed with appropriate monitoring.
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