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Dosage/Direction for Use
ISENTRESS is to be given in a combination regimen with other antiretroviral agents.
ISENTRESS Film-coated Tablets can be administered with or without food (see Pharmacology under Actions).
ISENTRESS is available in the following dose strengths: 600 mg film-coated tablet for once daily use.
Because the formulations have different pharmacokinetic profiles, do not substitute the 400 mg tablet for the 600 mg tablet to create a 1200 mg once daily dose and do not substitute the chewable tablet for the 400 mg or 600 mg tablet.
For the treatment of patients with HIV-1 infection, the dosage of ISENTRESS is as follows.
Adults: (See Table 11.)

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Children and adolescents: (See Tables 12 and 13.)

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