Ixiaro Description

vaccine, japanese encephalitis




Full Prescribing Info
Each dose (0.5 mL) of Ixiaro contains: Japanese encephalitis virus strain SA14 -14-2 (inactivated)1,2 6 micrograms3 corresponding to a potency of ≤460 ng ED50.
1 produced in Vero cells
2 adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide, hydrated 0.25 milligrams Al 3+
3 total protein content
Excipients/Inactive Ingredients: Phosphate buffered saline consisting of: Sodium chloride, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Water for injections.
From the manufacturing process, IXIARO may also contain: Formaldehyde: not more than 200 ppm; Sucrose: not more than 3% (w/v); Bovine serum albumin; not more than 32 ng/mL; Sodium metabisulphite: not more than 200 ppm; Host cell DNA: not more than 200 pg/mL, Protamine sulfate: not more than 1 mcg/mL.
No preservatives, stabilizers or antibiotics are added to the formulation.
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