KefenTech Special Precautions



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Special Precautions
Patients with bronchial asthma.
It should be noted that treatment by anti-inflammatory analgesics is symptomatic, not causal.
Ketoprofen may suppress the manifestations of dermal infections. Therefore, close supervision and careful administration are required with concurrent adequate antibiotics or antifungal agent in case that ketoprofen is used for inflammation caused by infections.
In case of using KefenTech for chronic disease (eg, arthritis deformans). It should be administered to the patient as the adjunctives with other anti-inflammatory agents. Patients should be observed carefully and manifestations of adverse reactions should be observed.
Do not use to the eye or mucosa. Temporary pain or skin irritation may occur when epidermis is broken.
Do not use for occlusive dressing.
Use in pregnancy: Safety for pregnant women has not been established. Therefore prolonged use of KefenTech plaster with large dose or to wide affected part should be avoided in women who are or may be pregnant.
Use in children: Safety for children has not been established.
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