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Dosage/Direction for Use
The usual dose of Levofloxacin tablets is 250 mg or 500 mg administered orally every 24 hours or 750mg administered every 24 hours, as indicated by the infection and described in the following dosing chart. These recommendations apply to patients with normal renal functions (i.e., creatinine clearance > 80 mL/minute. For patients with altered renal function see the patients with impaired Renal Function subsection. Oral doses should be administered at least two hours before or two hours after antacids containing magnesium, aluminium, as well as sucralfate, metal cations such as iron and multivitamin preparations with zinc and didanosine, chewable/buffered tablets or the pediatric powder for oral solution. (See Tables 4 and 5.)

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When only the serum creatinine is known, the following formula may be used to estimate the creatinine clearance. (See equation.)

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The serum creatinine should represent a steady state of renal function.
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