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Melsoma contains Melatonin belongs to a natural group of hormones produced by the pineal gland in the brain to control the sleep-wake cycles. The enzymes responsible for melatonin synthesis are activated and depressed by light and dark cycles. Release of melatonin follows a circadian rhythm generated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei in response to daylight alterations.
When taken as supplement (Melsoma), the function of melatonin is to mimic the effects of the natural hormone. Most of the actions of melatonin are mediated through the binding and activation of melatonin receptors. Apart from regulating sleep-wake cycle it also plays role in mood, learning and memory, immune activity, dreaming, fertility and reproduction. In addition, melatonin is also an effective antioxidant. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may also have lower than normal levels of melatonin. Reduced melatonin production has also been proposed as a likely factor in the significantly higher cancer rates in night workers.
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