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Features of the Melsoma Nano Spray: Unlike currently available formulations the Melsoma nanoparticles show rapid gastric emptying thereby increasing rate of absorption.
Melsoma nanoparticles are unaffected by varying stomach & intestinal tract pH conditions.
Melsoma nanoparticles absorption is unaffected by fed-fast variation hence predictable oral bioavailability.
Nano encapsulation of Melatonin in Melsoma improves stability of Melatonin. Nano encapsulation makes Melsoma highly palatable. (See table.)

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Melsoma contains Melatonin belongs to a natural group of hormones produced by the pineal gland in the brain to control the sleep-wake cycles. The enzymes responsible for melatonin synthesis are activated and depressed by light and dark cycles. Release of melatonin follows a circadian rhythm generated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei in response to daylight alterations.
When taken as supplement (Melsoma), the function of melatonin is to mimic the effects of the natural hormone. Most of the actions of melatonin are mediated through the binding and activation of melatonin receptors. Apart from regulating sleep-wake cycle it also plays role in mood, learning and memory, immune activity, dreaming, fertility and reproduction. In addition, melatonin is also an effective antioxidant. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may also have lower than normal levels of melatonin. Reduced melatonin production has also been proposed as a likely factor in the significantly higher cancer rates in night workers.
Melsoma is used for the treatment of primary insomnia (difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep, or poor quality of sleep for at least one month), characterized by poor quality of sleep.
Dosage/Direction for Use
1-2 Sprays to be taken daily before retiring to the bed.
Special Precautions
Melatonin should be prescribed with caution in patients suffering with renal impairment, bleeding disorders, depression, hypertension and seizure disorders. Melatonin may increase blood sugar levels in patients of diabetes. It can also alter immune function in individuals on immunosuppressive therapies or those who have undergone transplants.
Side Effects
The most common side effects include day-time drowsiness, headache and dizziness.
Caution For Usage
Directions for use: 1. Remove the plastic cap.
2. Priming: Hold the container upright. Point the black spray opening in a safe direction away from the face and other people. Fully press down on the pump with forefinger. Release the pump and let the pump return to the starting position.
3. Hold the container upright with forefinger on top of the grooved button.
4. Open the mouth and bring the container as close to it as possible.
5. Press the button firmly to make sure that a full dose of Melsoma is sprayed directly into the mouth under the tongue.
6. Let the pump return to the starting position (for next dose repeat step 5 & 6).
7. Close the bottle with cap.
8. Avoid swallowing immediately after administering the spray.
9. Following administration don't rinse mouth for 2 to 5 minutes.
Store below 30°C. Protect from direct sunlight.
ATC Classification
N05CH01 - melatonin ; Belongs to the class of melatonin receptor agonists. Used as hypnotics and sedatives.
Oral liqd (nano spray) 12 ml.
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