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Caution For Usage
When handling mitoxantrone, contamination should be avoided (wear protective gloves and safety goggles). After contact of mitoxantrone with the skin or mucous membranes, the contact area should be immediately copiously washed with warm water (not hot). The eyes must be thoroughly rinsed with water. If necessary, an ophthalmologist should be consulted. In the course of preparation, application and disposal of contaminated material as well as the decontamination of objects (eg, sanitary facilities), protective gloves and safety goggles must always be worn. Objects, which have been in contact with mitoxantrone-containing solutions, can be cleaned with a suspension of 5.5 parts by weight of calcium hypochlorite in 13 parts of water. They should be copiously rinsed with water. Objects which were detoxificated with hypochlorite inside are to be reused as containers for mitoxantrone solutions only after rinsing with diluted acetic acid and subsequent repeated rinsing with water.
Disposal: Mitoxantrone-containing solutions and empty vials should be disposed seperately from other drugs according to each current national legal requirement for special waste.
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