Nasacort AQ

Nasacort AQ Caution For Usage

triamcinolone acetonide




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Caution For Usage
Instruction of Use: IMPORTANT: Read these instructions carefully before using the NASACORT AQ Nasal Spray.
How to use the spray: Before using the nasal spray, blow the nose gently to clear the nostrils.
1. Preparing the bottle: Remove the blue cover by pulling upwards.
Shake the bottle gently before use.
2. If the patient is using the spray for the first time: Hold the bottle upright.
Point the spray away from the patient while doing this.
Fill the pump with spray by pressing the nozzle downwards - this is called priming.
Press and release it 5 times.
Do this until a fine spray is produced.
The spray is now ready to use.
3. Using the spray: Close one nostril with the finger.
Hold the bottle upright and put the nozzle into the other nostril as far as is comfortable.
Breathe in gently through the nose with the mouth closed.
While the patient is doing this, press the nozzle to deliver one spray.
4. Then breathe out through.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if the patient has to spray again in the same nostril and for the other nostril.
6. After using the spray: To keep the spray nozzle clean, wipe it carefully with a clean tissue or handkerchief after each use.
Replace the cap over the nozzle.
If the nasal spray has not been used for more than 2 weeks: It needs to be primed again, to fill the nozzle with the spray.
The nozzle should be pointed away from the patient while doing this.
To prime, spray into the air once before use.
Always shake the bottle gently before use.
Cleaning the spray: If the spray does not work, the nozzle may be blocked.
Never try to unblock it or enlarge the tiny spray hole with a pin or other sharp objects. This is because it can stop the spray from working.
The nasal spray should be cleaned at least once a week. It can be cleaned more often if it gets blocked.
Instructions for cleaning the spray: 1. Remove the cap.
2. Gently pull off the spray nozzle only.
3. Soak the cap and spray nozzle in warm water for a few minutes.
4. Rinse under the cold running tap water.
5. Shake or tap to remove any water that is left.
6. Allow to dry in the air.
7. Re-fit the spray nozzle.
8. Prime the nasal spray until a fine mist is formed.
9. Use as normal.
The bottle should be discarded after 30 actuations or within one month (6.5g pack), or 120 actuations or within 2 months (16.5kg pack), of starting treatment. Any remaining suspension should not be transferred to another bottle.
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