Nonoxinol 9

Generic Medicine Info
Indications and Dosage
Spermicidal contraception
Adult: As gel: To be used in conjunction with barrier methods of contraception such as diaphragms or caps. Apply approx 2 cm strips on each side of the diaphragm or fill 1/3 of the cap. Apply extra gel if coitus takes place 3 hours or more after insertion of diaphragms or cap. Allow the diaphragm to remain undisturbed for at least 6 hours after coitus. Apply more cream or other spermicides prior to any subsequent coitus within this period, without removing the diaphragm/cap. Use a vaginal applicator for inserting more gel. Alternatively, as gel/foam: Insert 1 applicatorful into the vaginal prior to intercourse. As film: Insert 1 film as far into the vagina as possible against the cervix. As sponge: Insert 1 sponge deep into the vagina. Wait 6 hours after the last intercourse before removing the sponge. Refer to individual product guideline for detailed application instructions.
Hypersensitivity to nonoxinol 9. Absence of vaginal sensation (e.g. paraplegics, quadriplegics).
Special Precautions
Patient using contraceptive devices. Pregnancy and lactation. Nonoxinol 9 does not protect against HIV infection or other STDs.
Adverse Reactions
Significant: Toxic shock syndrome, vaginal irritation (e.g. rash, itching, burning), genital lesion.
Renal and urinary disorders: Urethral irritation or pain; bacteriuria, urinary tract infection.
Reproductive system and breast disorders: Penile pain, discomfort, burning, itching, dryness, rash, and redness.
Mechanism of Action: Nonoxinol 9 is a nonionic surfactant used as a spermicide. It acts by damaging the sperm cell membrane, causing an increased membrane permeability with subsequent loss of cell components and reduced motility and function.
Synonym: nonoxynol 9
Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure Image

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information (2020). PubChem Compound Summary for CID 72385, Nonoxynol-9. Retrieved September 24, 2020 from

Store at 25°C.
MIMS Class
Other Contraceptives
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