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Acitretin is highly teratogenic and must not be used by women who are pregnant. The same applies to women of childbearing potential unless strict contraception is practised 4 weeks before, during and for 2 years after treatment (see as follows).
Women of childbearing potential must not receive blood from patients being treated with acitretin. Donation of blood by a patient being treated with acitretin is prohibited during and for two years after completion of treatment with acitretin.
Acitretin is contraindicated in patients with severely impaired liver or kidney function and in patients with chronic abnormally elevated blood lipid values.
Since both acitretin and tetracyclines can cause increased intracranial pressure, their combined use is contraindicated.
An increased risk of hepatitis has been reported to result from combined use of methotrexate and etretinate. Consequently, the combination of methotrexate with acitretin is also contraindicated.
Concomitant administration of acitretin and vitamin A or other retinoids is contraindicated due to the risk of hypervitaminosis A.
Acitretin is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to the preparation (acitretin or excipients) or to other retinoids.
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