Rekovelle Use In Pregnancy & Lactation




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Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
REKOVELLE is contraindicated during pregnancy and breast-feeding (see Contraindictions).
Use in pregnancy: No teratogenic risk has been reported, following controlled ovarian stimulation, in clinical use with gonadotropins. There are no data from the inadvertent exposure to REKOVELLE in pregnant women. Animal embryofetal development studies have not been performed with follitropin delta. Embryofetal toxicity (as dystocia and marked post-implantation loss), but not teratogenicity, has been observed with the closely related agent, follitropin alfa, in rats and rabbits as a result of exaggerated pharmacology.
Use in lactation: It is not known whether follitropin delta is excreted in human milk. The closely related agent, follitropin alfa, has been detected in milk in rats though REKOVELLE is not indicated during breastfeeding.
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