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Full Prescribing Info
Miconazole nitrate.
Each gram of cream contains miconazole nitrate, dimethicone and phenethyl alcohol in a lanolin-free aqueous soft cream base. It has a pH of 5.
Each gram of powder contains miconazole nitrate in a zinc oxide menthol and talc powder base.
All cream products are lanolin-free, propylene glycol-free, colour-free, perfume-free and paraben-free to avoid irritant reactions.
Miconazole nitrate has a broad spectrum of antifungal activity against dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds. Miconazole nitrate also possesses antimicrobial properties.
Dimethicone provides protection to the skin due to its water-repellant properties. It is non-irritating and has healing properties.
Phenethyl alcohol has antimicrobial properties.
Zinc oxide is protective and soothing and the menthol provides an immediate cooling sensation to help relieve itching skin.
Resolve tinea powder does not contain starch, which may support bacterial growth.
Cream: Topical treatment of fungal infections, such as athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, thrush, infected napkin rash and fungal infections where bacterial infections may be present. Helps protect the skin from chafing, water, urine and other irritants.
Powder: Treatment of fungal infections of the skin eg, athlete's foot, jock itch (groin itch) and napkin rash.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Directions for Use: Cream: Apply twice daily to infected area and surrounding skin. Regular application is essential for successful treatment. Prevent recurrence by continuing treatment for 2 weeks after condition clears.
Soap should not be used on the affected area as it may irritate the skin, thereby exacerbating the condition and its symptoms. To effectively relieve the itch and irritation associated with fungal infections, use a soap alternative eg, Pinetarsol solution or Pinetarsol gel. These will help maintain the skin's natural acid protection while relieving the itch and reducing inflammation.
Powder: Clean affected area with a soap substitute eg, Pinetarsol gel. Dry thoroughly, puff powder onto affected area twice daily. Dust inside clothing that is in contact with affected area eg, socks and underpants to keep the skin dry and help prevent reinfection. Continue treatment for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear to avoid recurrence.
Sensitivity to any ingredients of Resolve/Resolve Tinea.
Special Precautions
If any irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with the eyes.
Store below 30°C.
ATC Classification
D01AC02 - miconazole ; Belongs to the class of imidazole and triazole derivatives. Used in the topical treatment of fungal infection.
Cream 2% x 25 g. Topical powd 2% x 20 g.
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