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Lutein is a type of carotenoid, richly found in green vegetables such as spinaches and broccolis. Lutein exists in the macula and lens of human eyes as a major carotenoid. Lutein inside the body is consumed and decreased little by little by aging, exposure to ultraviolet rays and smoking. Because the body cannot produce lutein, it is essential for the patient to take it through daily meals.
Green vegetables, especially leafy ones such as spinach are rich in lutein. 100g of spinaches contain 10.2mg of lutein, and 100g of broccolis, 1.9mg. To get lutein from vegetables equivalent to the amount contained in three capsules of this product, the body would need to eat about 150g of spinaches, about 790g of broccolis or about 830g of leaf lettuces.
Amounts of vegetables containing three capsules of this product: About 1 bunches of spinaches (about 150g); about 3.2 heads of broccolis (about 790g); 3.3 heads of leaf lettuces (about 830g)
FloraGLO lutein is extracted from petals of marigolds, refined and crystallized through patented procedures of Kemin Health Industries, Inc., and is the same nutrient as that contained in the human body. Raw materials and ingredients of FloraGLO lutein have been proven safe through toxicity and allergy reaction tests. JECFA* has evaluated that FloraGLO lutein is safe when taking up to 2mg per 1kg of the body weight a day.
*JECFA: Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives established by WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
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