Sinomarin Description

sodium chloride




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Composition: Sea water 70%, Purified water 30%, equivalent to 23 g/L NaCl (2.3%). Preservative-free. Drug-free. Chemical additives-free. 100% natural.
Sinomarin is a complete line of hypertonic-only sea water sotutions covering the needs of all ages from newborns to adults: Sinomarin Babies 5 ml vials: For infants and babies.
Sinomarin Children 100 ml: Gentle mist spray with safety tip - for babies over 6 months and children.
Sinomarin Adults 125 ml: Normal stream spray - for adults and children over 6 years.
Sinomarin Mini Spray 30 ml: Pump sprays - for adults, children and babies over 6 months.
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