Stamaril Drug Interactions

vaccine, yellow fever


sanofi pasteur


Full Prescribing Info
Drug Interactions
STAMARIL must not be mixed with any other vaccine or medicinal product in the same syringe.
If there is a need to administer another injectable vaccine(s) at the same time as STAMARIL each vaccine should be injected into a separate site (and preferably a separate limb).
This vaccine may be administered at the same time as measles vaccine if this is in accordance with official recommendations.
It may be administered at the same time as vaccines containing typhoid Vi capsular polysaccharide and/or inactivated hepatitis A virus.
It must not be administered to persons who are receiving immunosuppressant therapy (e.g., cytotoxic agents, systemic steroids, greater than standard dose of topical or inhaled steroids or other agents) (see Contraindications).
It can induce false positive results with laboratory and/or diagnostic tests for other flavivirus related diseases such as dengue or Japanese encephalitis.
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