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Dosage/Direction for Use
Post-tetanus exposure prophylactic vaccination: When dealing with minor wounds, the doctor must evaluate the risks of Clostridium tetani infection at the injured site.
Disinfecting, debriding the wound and administering the vaccine excepted, the subject must, in some cases, be passively immunized with a human tetanus immunoglobulin injected at a different site (See table hereafter).
Post-tetanus exposure prophylaxis recommendations are summarized as follows: (See table.)

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Subjects who have had tetanus must have a primary immunization because the antibody response clinically generated by this disease is not sufficient.
Neonatal Tetanus Prophylaxis: Women of childbearing age or pregnant women that have not yet been immunized must have 2 successive injections at least 4 weeks apart, the first one shall preferably be administered 90 days or more before birth.
Primary Immunization: Whenever adults must be vaccinated, the schedule includes 2 successive injections one or two months apart followed by a booster dose 6 to 12 months after the second injection.
Booster injection: 1 injection of 0.5 ml ten years after primary immunization and every ten years thereafter.
Method of Administration: Given the adsorbed nature of the vaccine, it is recommended to administer it by the intramuscular route in order to minimize local reactions. The recommended sites are the anterolateral face of the thigh or arm.
The deep subcutaneous route may also be used.
The intradermal route must not be used.
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