Vacontil Adverse Reactions





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Adverse Reactions
Like all medicines, Vacontil can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
Stop using Vacontil and tell the doctor straight away if the patient notices or suspect any of the following. The patient may need urgent medical treatment.
Sudden swelling of the face, lips or throat, shortening of breath, hives (also known as nettle rash or urticaria), severe irritation, reddening or blistering of your skin. These may be signs of a severe hypersensitivity or allergic reaction; Extreme tiredness, being unable to move in a coordinated way, loss of consciousness; Severe stomach pain, stomach bulging or swelling or fever which may be due to a blocked or enlarged bowel.
Tell the doctor if the patient notices any of the following side effects while using Vacontil: Dry mouth, Indigestion, Stomach pain, Discomfort or Bloating, Feeling sick, Vomiting, Passing wind, Constipation; Headache, Feeling dizzy, feeling sleepy or tired, feeling weak; Rash; Urinary retention (being unable to pass urine or empty the bladder completely); Constricted pupils.
If any of the side effects gets serious, or if the patient notice any side effects not listed, please tell the doctor or pharmacist.
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