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Special Precautions
Although Vacontil stops diarrhea, it will not treat the cause of it. Whenever possible, the cause of the diarrhea should also be treated.
When the patient has diarrhea, the patient will lose a lot of fluids. The patient should therefore replace lost fluids by taking much more liquid than he/she normally would. This is especially important for small children. The pharmacist will be able to supply a special powder that contains sugar and salts. When added to water, it will also replace the salts that are lost during a bout of diarrhea. This solution is particularly suitable for children.
For sudden (acute) diarrhea, Vacontil will usually stop the symptoms within 48 hours. If it does not, stop taking the medicine and see the doctor.
If the patient has AIDS and are being treated with Vacontil for diarrhea and if the patient has any signs of abdominal swelling or bulging, stop taking Vacontil immediately and tell the doctor.
Do not take this product for anything other than its intended use and never take more than the recommended amount. Serious heart problems (symptoms of which include fast or irregular heartbeat) have been reported in patients who have taken too much loperamide, the active ingredient in Vacontil.
Do not abuse and misuse Vacontil.
Driving or operating machinery: Tiredness, dizziness, or drowsiness can be seen with diarrhea. If this happens, do not drive or use any machines.
Children: Vacontil should not be given to children under 2 years and should only be given to children under 6 year if the doctor has prescribed it.
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