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Patient Counseling Information
Information for the patient: Read the following text carefully before you start to use.
There are 2 main parts to your inhaler: the metal canister that holds the medicine and the plastic actuator that sprays the medicine from the canister.
The inhaler also has a dust cap that covers the mouthpiece of the actuator.
Do not use the actuator with a canister of medicine from any other inhaler. And do not use with an actuator from any other inhaler.
How to Use Your Inhaler: Testing your inhaler: 1. When using the inhaler for the first time, test that it is working. Remove the mouthpiece cover by gently squeezing the sides with your thumb and forefinger and pull apart.
2. To make sure that it works, shake it well, point the mouthpiece away from you and press the canister to release a puff into the air. If you have not used the inhaler for a week or more, release two puffs of medicine into the air.
Using your inhaler: It is important to start to breathe as slowly as possible just before using your inhaler. 1. Stand or sit upright when using your inhaler.
2. Remove the mouthpiece cover (as shown in the first picture). Check inside and outside to make sure that the mouthpiece is clean and free of objects.
3. Shake the inhaler 4 or 5 times to ensure that any loose objects are removed and that the contents of the inhaler are evenly mixed.
4. Hold the inhaler upright with your thumb on the base, below the mouthpiece. Breathe out as far as is comfortable. Do not breathe in again yet.
5. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth. Close your lips around it. Do not bite.
6. Breathe in through your mouth. Just after starting to breathe in, press down on the top of the canister to release a puff of medicine. Does this while still breathing in steadily and deeply.
7. Hold your breath, take the inhaler from your mouth and your finger from the top of the inhaler. Continue holding your breath for a few seconds, or as long as is comfortable.
8. If your doctor has told you to take two puffs, wait about half a minute before you take another puff by repeating steps 3 to 7.
9. After use always replace the mouthpiece cover straight away to keep out dust. Replace the cover by firmly pushing and clicking into position.
Cleaning your inhaler: To stop your inhaler blocking, it is important to clean it at least once a week. To clean your inhaler: Remove the mouthpiece cover.
Do not remove the metal canister from the plastic casing at any time.
Wipe the inside and outside of the mouthpiece and the plastic casing with a dry cloth or tissue.
Replace the mouthpiece cover.
Do not put the metal canister in water.
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