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Concise Prescribing Info
Per 500 mL Amiparen-5 Total amino acid 5% w/v BCAAs 30% w/w (7.5 g), l-isoleucine 2 g, l-leucine 3.5 g, l-lysine 2.625 g, l-methionine 0.975 g, l-phenylalanine 1.75 g, l-threonine 1.425 g, l-tryptophan 0.5 g, l-valine 2 g, l-arginine 2.625 g, l-histidine 1.25 g, l-alanine 2 g, l-proline 1.25 g, l-aspartic acid 0.25 g, l-cysteine 0.25 g, l-glutamic acid 0.25 g, l-serine 0.75 g, aminoacetic acid 1.475 g, l-tyrosine 0.125 g. Per 500 mL Amiparen-10 Total amino acid 10% w/v BCAAs 30% w/w (15 g), l-isoleucine 4 g, l-leucine 7 g, l-lysine 5.25 g, l-methionine 1.95 g, l-phenylalanine 3.5 g, l-threonine 2.85 g, l-tryptophan 1 g, l-valine 4 g, l-arginine 5.25 g, l-histidine 2.5 g, l-alanine 4 g, l-proline 2.5 g, l-aspartic acid 0.5 g, l-cysteine 0.5 g, l-glutamic acid 0.5 g, l-serine 1.5 g, aminoacetic acid 2.95 g, l-tyrosine 0.25 g
Supply of amino acids in hypoproteinemia, malnutrition & pre- &/or post-op condition.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Central vein infusion: 50-100 g of amino acid/day. Peripheral vein infusion: 25-50 g of amino acid/day as patient's protein requirement.
Hepatic coma, severely impaired renal function, abnormal amino acid metabolism.
Special Precautions
Severe acidosis, CHF, hyponatremia.
Adverse Reactions
Hypersensitivity, GI upsets, chest discomfort, palpitations, occasional chills, hot flushes, fever, headache, vascular pain.
ATC Classification
B05BA01 - amino acids ; Belongs to the class of solutions for parenteral nutrition used in I.V. solutions.
Amiparen -10 inj
200 mL x 10 × 1's;500 mL x 10 × 1's
Amiparen -5 inj
500 mL x 10 × 1's
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