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Concise Prescribing Info
Enalapril maleate
Essential & renovascular HTN, symptomatic CHF. Treatment & prevention of progression to symptomatic heart failure in clinically stable asymptomatic patients w/ left ventricular dysfunction.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult HTN Initially 5 mg once daily. Maintenance: 10-40 mg once daily or in 2 divided doses. Renovascular HTN Initially 5 mg once daily, depending on degree of HTN. Maintenance: 20 mg once daily. Symptomatic heart failure Initially 2.5 mg once or twice daily. Maintenance: 2.5-20 mg bid. Max: 40 mg daily in divided doses. Asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction, patients w/ MI Initially 2.5 mg bid. Maintenance: 2.5-10 mg bid. Max: 20 mg daily in divided doses. Patients w/ renal disease (diabetic & non-diabetic) Initially 5 mg daily. Maintenance: 5-20 mg daily. Max: 20 mg daily. Patients w/ impaired renal function (CrCl ≤30 mL/min) Initially 2.5 mg daily. Max: 40 mg daily. Childn w/ HTN (6 mth to 16 yr) Initially 0.08 mg/kg (max: 5 mg) once daily. Maintenance: 0.08-0.58 mg/kg daily. Max: 0.58 mg/kg (40 mg) daily.
May be taken with or without food.
Hypersensitivity. Angioedema. Pregnancy.
Special Precautions
Symptomatic hypotension & angioneurotic edema may occur. Impaired renal function, vol- or salt-depleted patient, patient undergoing major surgery or during anesth w/ agent that produces hypotension. Lactation. Childn. May induce coughing; drowsiness or nausea/vomiting. Patients w/ aortic stenosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Hyperkalemia; diabetes.
Adverse Reactions
Headache, dizziness; diarrhea; cough. Fatigue. Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, stomatitis, dyspepsia; hypotension; deterioration in renal function; rash, maculopapular, pruritus, alopecia, angioedema; hyperkalemia; cough; muscle cramps, pancreatitis, hepatitis or cholestatic jaundice, hepatic failure & impotence.
Drug Interactions
Hypotensive effect enhanced by diuretics & other antihypertensives. K-sparing diuretics, K supplements or K-containing salt substitutes & serum K may cause hyperkalemia. NSAIDs may reduce BP response. Lithium toxicity occur when concomitantly used w/ lithium carbonate. Enalapril w/ insulin or oral antidiabetics may reduce fasting blood glucose conc; w/ nitrates or anesth, may exaggerate hypotensive response.
ATC Classification
C09AA02 - enalapril ; Belongs to the class of ACE inhibitors. Used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Anapril tab 20 mg
10 × 10's;100 × 10's
Anapril tab 5 mg
10 × 10's;100 × 10's
Anapril-S tab 5 mg
100 × 10's
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