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Full Prescribing Info
Purified tetanus toxoid.
Each dose (0.5 ml) contains: Purified tetanus toxoid 10 Lf, Aluminum phosphate (as adsorban) 1.5 mg, Thimerosal (as preservative) 0.05 mg.
BIO-TT is TT vaccine contains purified tetanus toxoid. The toxoid is adsorbed onto 3 mg/ml aluminum phosphate. Thimerosal 0.1 mg/ml is used as a preservative. One dose of 0.5 ml has a potency of at least 40 IU.
For the active immunization to produce antibody against tetanus and used in the prevention of neonatal tetanus by immunizing women of child bearing age.
Dosage/Direction for Use
The vaccine should be shaken before use to homogenize the suspension. It should be injected intramuscularly or deep subcutaneously. A sterile needle and sterile syringe should be used for each injection.
Immunization schedule: TT immunization for the prevention of tetanus / neonatal tetanus consist of two primary doses of 0.5 ml given intramuscularly or deep subcutaneously at least four weeks apart followed by the third dose 6 months later. To maintain the immunity of women against tetanus through the child bearing period, five doses are recommended. The fourth dose should be given at least one year after the third dose, and the fifth dose should be given at least one year after the fourth dose. TT immunization can be administered safely during pregnancy even during the first trimester.
A severe reactions to a previous dose of TT, hypersensitive to any component of the vaccine, immunization should be deferred during the cause any febrile illness or acute infection.
Special Precautions
A minor febrile illness such as mild upper respiratory tract infection is not usually reason to defer immunization.
Side Effects
Rare and mild. Some temporary tenderness and redness at the site of the injection and occasional fever. It is safe to give during pregnancy. Allergic acute reactions, dyspnea, urticaria, angloneurotic oedema, anaphylactic and acute reaction may occurred.
TT should be store and transported between 2-8 °C. DO NOT FREEZE.
Shelf-Life: 3 years.
ATC Classification
J07AM01 - tetanus toxoid ; Belongs to the class of tetanus bacterial vaccines.
Inj (amp) 10 Lf/0.5 mL x 10's.
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