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Biosulin 30:70 Special Precautions


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Special Precautions
The usual insulin dose may be affected by various factors. Hence, it is necessary to anticipate change in the dose of insulin required and seek the doctor's advice well on time. Some of such factors are as follows: Illness: During an illness the requirement may actually go up even if the patient is not eating well. The patient should therefore, establish a sick day plan with the doctor's advice. The patient may require to test urine and/or blood glucose more frequently for proper monitoring of the insulin dose.
Medication: Insulin requirements may be modified by the effect of a number of medications the patient may require to take during illness. Do not forget to point out to the doctor about taking insulin while consulting him for any health advice.
Exercise: Exercise may lower the body's need for insulin during and for some time after the activity. Exercise may also speed up the effect of an insulin dose, especially if it involves the area of injection site (e.g. the leg should not be used for injection just prior to running). Discuss with the doctor how the patient should adjust the regimen to accommodate exercise.
Travel: When travelling across two or more time zones, consult the doctor well in advance and seek his advice about dosage adjustments and schedule.
Use in Pregnancy: During pregnancy it is important that the diabetes is controlled properly for the patient as well as for the unborn baby. Hence, the patient must consult the doctor immediately if planning to have a baby or is pregnant.
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