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Caution For Usage
TO RECONSTITUTE: General precautions: Bortezomib is a cytotoxic agent. Therefore, caution should be used during handling and preparation of Bortezomib. Use of gloves and other protective clothing to prevent skin contact is recommended.
Aseptic technique must be strictly observed throughout the handling of Bortezomib, since it contains no preservative.
There have been fatal cases of inadvertent intrathecal administration of Bortezomib. Bortezomib 3.5 mg powder for solution for injection is for intravenous or subcutaneous use only. Bortezomib should not be administered intrathecally.
Instructions for reconstitution: Bortezomib must be reconstituted by a healthcare professional.
Intravenous injection: Each 10 ml vial of Bortezomib must be reconstituted with 3.5 ml of sodium chloride 9 mg/ml (0.9%) solution for injection. Dissolution of the lyophilised powder is completed in less than 2 minutes.
After reconstitution, each ml solution contains 1 mg Bortezomib. The reconstituted solution is clear and colourless, with a final pH of 4 to 7.
The reconstituted solution must be inspected visually for particulate matter and discolouration prior to administration. If any discolouration or particulate matter is observed, the reconstituted solution must be discarded.
HANDLING AND DISPOSAL: Cytotoxic preparations should not be handled by pregnant staff. Trained personnel should reconstitute the drug. This should be performed in a designated area. The work surface should be covered with disposable plastic-backed absorbent paper. Adequate protective gloves, masks, and clothing should be worn.
Precautions should be taken to avoid the drug accidentally coming into contact with the eyes. If accidental contamination occurs, the eye should be washed with water thoroughly and immediately.
Use Luer-lock fittings on all syringes and sets. Large bore needles are recommended to minimize pressure and the possible formation of aerosols. The latter may also be reduced by the use of a venting needle.
Adequate care and precaution should be taken in the disposal of items used to reconstitute bortezomib. Any unused dry product or contaminated materials should be placed in a high-risk waste bag. Sharp objects (needles, syringes, vials, etc) should be placed in a suitable rigid container.
Personnel concerned with the collection and disposal of this waste should be aware of the hazard involved. Waste material should be destroyed by incineration. Any excess drug solution should be flushed directly into a drain with copious amounts of water. Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
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