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Sodium chloride.
Each 1 g contains sodium chloride 0.99 g.
Cleanoze consists of a powder made up of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.
The concentration of these salts when dissolved 2.265 g in 250 mL of water is such that it very closely resembles the content of a body fluid which normally baths the outside of the cells of the body. The fluid is isotonic solution.
For nasal cleaning and removal of dust, mucus or pus from nasal cavity and sinus in patients with: Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) to wash away pollens and cleanse nasal and sinus tissue; acute sinusitis to help the body remove infected mucus from the sinus cavities or with post operation to cleanse mucus and dry blood from the nose and sinuses and help the healing process; chronic rhinosinusitis to remove excess mucus and bacteria from the sinus cavities.
Dosage/Direction for Use
One bottle (250 mL) at least 2 times daily in the morning and at bedtime or presence of plenty viscous mucus or nasal congestion.
Administration: Firstly, fill the soft squeeze bottle with a little distilled, purified or clean tap water up to 250 mL mark.
Cut or tear open a sachet of Cleanoze, then empty the entire contents into the bottle filled with water.
Screw the cap and shake gently until all the powder has dissolved.
Lean far over the sink with head down.
The bottle is placed against the nostril. Open the mouth, inhale deeply and hold breathe for a while.
Squeeze the bottle, so the solution comes out.
Do this procedure also with the opposite nostril. There is a possibility that the solution may come out from the mouth.
Gently blow the nose to clear any remaining fluid and mucus.
Special Precautions
Whenever the soft squeeze bottle needs to "breathe": ie, fill with air, remove it from the nose before releasing the hand pressure. This prevents "suck back" and helps to keep the remaining solution clean.
If the patient have recently had nasal or sinus surgery, do not blow the nose before checking with the physician.
Any remaining solution in the bottle should be discarded. Fresh solution must be made for each treatment.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Cleanoze may be used during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.
Side Effects
Earache may be experienced if applying too much pressure when squeezing the bottle. If this occurs, try to apply less pressure. If the earache persist, contact the physician.
Drug Interactions
Cleanoze may be used whilst taking any other medication.
Store at temperature below 30°C.
Protect from light. 
ATC Classification
R01AX - Other nasal preparations ; Used in nasal preparations for topical use.
Nasal powd (sachet with 250 mL bottle) 2.265 g x 5's, 20's.
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