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Full Prescribing Info
Each tablet contains: Lynestrenol 0.5 mg.
It contains no estrogenic substance and must be taken daily even during menstrual period. While it is being taken normal menstruation goes on as usual. The use of oral contraceptive is a reliable method for the prevention of pregnancy.
Dosage/Direction for Use
The patient must wait until her next menstrual period. On the day on which the bleeding starts, she must take her first tablet.
The patient must take one tablet marked with that day of the week from the top row. The patient must continue to take one tablet a day following the direction indicated by the arrows.
When a pack is empty, the patient must begin the next day - thus without interruption and without waiting for her next menstrual period.
The patient must always take one tablet at the same time every day. It is best to do so about the time of the evening meal.
When the patient has forgotten to take a tablet: As soon as the patient notices that she has forgotten to take even a single tablet, she must take one immediately. Naturally, she should then continue to take her daily tablet in the normal way.
The patient must consult her physician if any abnormal sign occurs.
This medication is contraindicated with intravascular clot or liver disease.
Special Precautions
If the patient's menstrual period is more than one month overdue, then she must consult her doctor.
The reliability may also be reduced if, during the use of Dailyton, severe gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea or vomiting occur.
Side Effects
The patient should continue to take her daily tablet during her normal menstrual period, she should also continue to take her daily tablet even if she experiences an irregular bleeding.
In a period of 2-3 months of use, the patient may experience some nausea, headache or swelling and painfulness of the breasts. These symptoms usually disappear rapidly; if not, she should consult her doctor.
Store below 30°C.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
G03AC02 - lynestrenol ; Belongs to the class of progestogens. Used as systemic contraceptives.
Tab 28's.
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