Concise Prescribing Info
Dosage/Direction for Use
Essential HTN Initially 12.5 mg once daily for first 2 days. Maintenance: 25 mg once daily. If necessary, may increase at intervals of 2 wk to a total daily dose of 50 mg given once daily or in divided doses (bid). CHD Initially 12.5 mg bid for 1st 2 days. Maintenance: 25 mg bid. May increase at intervals of 2 wk to a total daily dose of 100 mg given in divided doses (bid). Elderly Max: 50 mg given in divided doses (bid). Treatment of symptomatic CHF Initially 3.125 mg bid for 2 wk. May increase at intervals of 2 wk to 6.25 mg bid, followed by 12.5 mg bid & thereafter 25 mg bid. Patient >85 kg Max: 50 mg bid, <85 kg Max: 25 mg bid. If carvedilol is discontinued for >2 wk, recommence at 3.125 mg bid & titrate dose accordingly. Left ventricular dysfunction following acute MI Initially 6.25 mg bid, may increase to 12.5 mg bid after 3-10 days & thereafter 25 mg bid. In case of low BP, heart rate or fluid retention, 3.125 mg bid may be used &/or the rate of uptitration may be slower.
Should be taken with food.
Class IV decompensated heart failure requiring IV inotropic support; asthma; COPD w/ bronchospastic component; liver dysfunction; 2nd- & 3rd-degree AV block; severe bradycardia (<50 bpm); cardiogenic shock; sick sinus syndrome; severe hypotension; pregnancy & lactation. Childn <18 yr.
Special Precautions
Markedly reduced heart performance; secondary or labile HTN; complete bundle branch block; peripheral vascular disease; impaired renal function; recent heart attack; tendency to hypotension; DM; phaeochromocytoma; psoriasis; Prinzmetal's or variant angina; concurrent therapy w/ digitalis, diuretics &/or ACE inhibitor. Patients undergoing general surgery. May obscure symptoms of thyrotoxicosis. May affect ability to drive or operate machinery. Gradual w/drawal over 1-2 wk.
Adverse Reactions
Dizziness, headache, fatigue, bradycardia, postural hypotension, hypotension, asthma/dyspnea, GI upset, skin reactions, changes in serum transaminases, thrombocytopenia, leucopenia, manifestation of latent DM, pain in the extremities.
Drug Interactions
Simultaneous therapy w/ other BP-lowering drugs, reserpine, guanethidine, methyldopa, clonidine, guanfacine, nifedipine, Ca antagonists of the verapamil or diltiazem type, antiarrhythmics, cardiac glycosides, barbiturates, phenothiazines, TCAs, vasodilators, & alcohol may cause an intensified BP &/or heart rate-lowering effects. May enhance effect of insulin or oral hypoglycemics & sign of hypoglycemia may be masked. Rifampicin reduces its BP-lowering effects. Digoxin, cyclosporin, amiodarone, fluoxetine, catecholamine-depleting agents, Ca channel blockers, antihypertensives, anesth, NSAID, β-agonist vasodilators.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
C07AG02 - carvedilol ; Belongs to the class of alpha and beta blocking agents. Used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Dilatrend tab 12.5 mg
Dilatrend tab 25 mg
Dilatrend tab 6.25 mg
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