Zuellig Pharma
Concise Prescribing Info
Prevention of postpartum haemorrhage due to uterine atony.
Dosage/Direction for Use
IV/IM Administer as single dose after delivery of the infant & as soon as possible after delivery (preferably before the delivery of the placenta). IV administration should be given slowly over 1 min. Caesarean section under epidural or spinal anaesth W/draw 1 mL as IV inj. Vag delivery W/draw 1 mL as IV or IM inj.
Hypersensitivity to carbetocin or oxytocin. Do not use for induction of labour. Serious CV disorders; epilepsy. Hepatic or renal disease. Pregnancy & during labour before delivery of infant.
Special Precautions
Use is not appropriate at any stage of delivery of infant. Determine cause in case of persistent vag or uterine bleeding after administration. Consider additional therapy w/ another uterotonic agent in case of persisting uterine hypotonia or atonia & excessive bleeding. Patients receiving large vol of IV fluids. Monitor early signs of drowsiness, listlessness & headache. Carefully monitor patients w/ eclampsia & pre-eclampsia. Migraine, asthma & CV disease or any state in which rapid addition to extracellular water may produce hazard for an already overburdened system. Contraindicated in pregnancy & should not be used for induction of labour. Lactation. Childn <12 yr.
Adverse Reactions
Headache, tremor; hypotension, flushing; nausea, abdominal pain; pruritus; warm feeling. Anaemia; dizziness; chest pain, dyspnoea; metallic taste, vomiting; back pain; chills, pain.
Drug Interactions
Severe HTN following vasoconstrictor in conjunction w/ caudal-block anaesth. May enhance BP-enhancing effect of ergot alkaloids eg, methylergometrine. Potentiated effect w/ prostaglandins. Hypotensive effect may be enhanced & uterine effect may be weakened by inhalation-anesth eg, halothane & cyclopropane. Arrhythmia w/ inhalation-anesth.
ATC Classification
H01BB03 - carbetocin ; Belongs to the class of oxytocin and analogues. Used in posterior pituitary lobe hormone preparations.
Duratocin soln for inj 100 mcg/mL
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