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Adverse Reactions
Epotiv Prefilled lnj. is generally well tolerated. The adverse effects reported are frequent sequelae of CRF and may not necessarily attributable to erythropoietin therapy.
Shock: Because shock may occur in rare case, sufficient monitoring should be made and if abnormality is recognized, the administration should be discontinued and proper treatments should be made.
Circulatory system: Rise in blood pressure, thrombosis of blood vessel contact region and so on, and sometimes tachycardia may occur.
Hypertensive Encephalopathy: Since hypertensive encephalopathy showing headache, consciousness disorder, seizure etc caused by sudden rise in the blood pressure is observed and cerebral hemorrhage may occur, administer with sufficient care monitoring the trend of blood pressure, hematocrit and so on.
Encephalopathy: As encephalopathy may occur, observe sufficiently and administration should be discontinued and appropriate treatment should be made in case abnormality is recognized.
Skin: Itch, rash, acne and so on may sometimes occur.
Liver: Hepatosis including AST, ALT, LDH, ALP, Total bilirubin, etc may sometimes occur.
Digestive system: Nausea, vomiting, anorexia and diarrhea may sometimes occur. Abdominal pain can also occur.
Blood: Increase in leukocyte and eosinophil may sometimes occur. Decrease in granulocyte may sometimes occur. Serum potassium, BUN, creatinine and uric acid may sometimes increase. Rickets may sometimes occur. Incidence of pure red cell anemia (PRCA) has been rarely reported among CRF patients with administration of erythropoietin preparation from months to years.
Others: Eye ground hemorrhage, splenomegaly, nasal hemorrhage, sometimes headache, dizziness, pyrexia, slight fever, feeling of flush, malaise, arthralgia, myalgia, bitter taste of mouth, convulsion and blepharedma may occur.
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